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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Dune (1984) - free admission
Doctor Strange - DVD
Project X (2012) - free admission
Martha Marcy May Marlene - free admission
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - free admission
Friends with Kids - free admission

This past Friday, I decided to see a movie before my shift started, and settled for FwK because it would end in time for me to get on the clock & work and it has Jon Hamm in it, who I like from Mad Men.

Pretty good story, which focusses on three couples - the tolerant, lovin' couple with kids, the passionately lovin' couple that gets a kid, and the two best friends who decide to have a kid together, without committin' to one another.

Some good laughs, and a bit of a zig when ya expect a zag, but eventually there's a happy endin'.

And Edward Burns shows up...pretty sure he's under contract to appear in every movie that films in NYC, isn't he?

After the movie, it was nothin' but work & sleep - logged thirty-two hours in three days.

There was a plan to see Silent House tonight, but that fell through. May see John Carter before my shift on Tuesday...
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