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Re: Tuvok: the only adult on Voyager

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As far as Tuvok. I found he could be very immature in his own way. The fact he was a senior officer being groomed to one day be a captain, he showed great selfishness when it came to many of the emotional issues when dealing with the crew. Many times Janeway had to order him to attend ships functions because its expected of senior officers. It reflects badly on the captain if her chief of security is unwilling to associate with his staff for moral support.
He also showed poor diplomatic skills when it came to dealing with Neelix. Nobody really liked Neelix when he first joined the crew but Janeway, yet they all were polite to him except Tuvok. Not very mature.
I wouldn't call Tuvok selfish for behaving this way. He is just not very gregarious and does not like spending his free time with the rest of the crew. And I can't say I blame him--I wouldn't want to socialize with Paris, Kim, or Neelix myself. In fact I would probably avoid them, just like Tuvok does. Just like Worf, come to think of it. Do you think Work is selfish, or that his behavior reflects poorly on Picard or Sisko? No--he just likes to be left alone.
Yes, Worf is being selfish and Sisko called Worf on it in "Rules of Engagement". The crew was having a celebration and Worf didn't want to attend. Sisko told Worf that wearing the rank of command, that you were expected to put on a good face and show up to social events to give your crew moral support because that's what expected of a officer in a command position, even if it's the last thing you want to do.. Janeway called Tuvok out during "Alter Ego" for the same reason. Being that Tuvok is nearly 100 and a professor at the Academy, Janeway never should of had to remind him of this fact.
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