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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Avengers Academy 27- "War With The Runaways part 1 of 2". Even if I weren't already a huge fan of Avengers Academy I would be picking up this and the next issue for the return of The Runaways. I know that they recently appeared in Daken: Dark Wolverine, but their voices seemed off somehow and they didn't really play a huge part in the story. In AA 27, Christos Gage nails the kids voices perfectly and give them as equal a role in the story as the main characters. The return of Old Lace was touching and I liked all of the interactions between the characters, especially Julie and Karolina. The ending was a little predictable, after all, they couldn't call this arc "War With the Runaways" if they spent the whole time being friends. I expected more to be made of Victor being Pym's "grandson", but perhaps that will be dealt with next issue.

Avengers: Children's Crusade 9-- Really? Maybe it was the release schedule and the delays, but this book just really lost a lot of steam for me in the last couple of issues. The first Young Avengers series was waaay better. The timeline issues are still rather confusing. OK, even though the series started like a year before Fear Itself, the timeline seems to place it just after FI and just before Spider-Island. All right, then what about Simon Williams? He played a significant role in this series and yet did his "Revengers" thing BEFORE Fear Itself, as evidenced by the continued existence of Avengers Tower in that story. The timeline with Doom is confusing as ever. Between his appearances in Avengers: Children's Crusade, X-Factor, FF, Winter Soldier and elsewhere with no real cohesion or connection between them, it makes one appriciate the Doombot theory a lot more. The art by Jim Cheung was amazing as always, but I think that if he were to ever draw a third YA series, that I would wait for trade rather than suffer through the delays.

Winter Soldier 3-- This book continues to entertain. I just love the chemistry between Bucky and Natasha and the inclusion of Fury as a supporting character brings things to another level. This is possibly the first time that I haven't considered Ivan Kragoff and his super-apes to be anything but cheesy. Bucky's first face-to-face with Dr. Doom went just as it should have--with Bucky getting schooled. Next issue's team-up with the Doctor should be interesting to say the least.

Uncanny X-Men 8-- The conclusion of the Tabula Rasa arc contained some really good moments and the pacing issues I mentioned with the previous issues are gone. I loved the interaction between Namor and Hope ("You didn't 'Imperious Sex' her, did you? Ick! Ick! Ick!"), although I know Namor was teasing Hope about not liking Redheads, because, you know, Dorma? Remember her? Blue skin, red hair? Oh well...

The scenes with Illyana and Peter trying to deal with what Pete has become were good. I've always liked Peter and Illyana, and their current status quo is a nice contrast to their usual places, with Illyana now being the one to help Peter hold onto his humanity, rather than the other way around.

The next two issues have "The Last Team-Up" between X-Men and Avengers before the shit hits the fan in AvX. Should be fun.

Defenders 4-- I'm glad that I stuck with this book after last issue's rather dis-jointed and slightly confusing tale. I kept losing track of who was narrating each scene. This issue's focus on Dr. Strange was better and gave the reader a better idea of what "The Engine" that they discovered (stole) is really capable of. After that, the cliffhanger with Namor's discovery was almost chilling.
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