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Re: Project Iliad

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I don't want to get ahead of myself this time but I actually do have an idea for a much smaller scale project in the interim. An unrelated story, but would let me put my CG assets to good use.

The basic idea would be to tell a much simpler story, and to tell it in small 3 or 4 minutes segments. Not going to say much right now, since it's quite possible nothing will come of it. I may post a few stills and/or animations from time to time if there's interest.

Iliad Specific Assets:
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I should mention: the one thing that will probably keep me from knocking out an animated short is my complete and total inability to model or animate human characters
I may wind up trying to use a program like Poser to export characters complete with baked deformations. I'd hate to go that route since it requires extensive re-texturing and geometry cleanup, not to mention it can't directly export a rig, only poses.

Though I'll admit it can export in fbx, which is a handy interchange format.
Apparently you can export rigs... hmmm
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Still a long way from that

Trying to make these characters look a bit less generic right now

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