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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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It didn't.

Your (subjective) opinion.

Maybe the money from the merchandise (if it was som much that some people believe) could have been used to keep ten main characters in the show.
And this basically Godwin's the thread with your basic, fundamental lack of understanding about how television series budgeting operates.
On the contrary, I know a lot about showbiz since I've worked in the business myself, although most in the musical spectrum of it
Note my previous post. I said "fundamental lack of understanding about how television series budgeting operates."

That's far and away a completely different ballgame than the music business. In short - there's more to consider when reviewing the point you raised (and to which I was replying) when mapping out the budget for how many regular cast members you'll have. Raking it in in merchandising does not necessarily imply that even if there is enough cash to go around, it will absolutely be reallocated toward paying an actress her salary to stick around. Television is a huge, monstrous machine with a thousand mouths to feed, not just Jennifer Lien's.
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