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Re: Does anyone remember Superman II novelization?

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I heard the reason Supermans I and II didn't have novelizations and comic adaptions was because Mario Puzo, who wrote the screenplay for the first Superman movie, had a clause in his contract that said his screenplay couldn't be adapted to other literary forms, with him being an author and all, thus the reason why the Elliot S Maggin books The Last Son of Krypton and Miracle Monday have Christopher Reeve photos on the covers and pics from the film.

The Puzo thing is before my time, but, yes, screenwriters sometimes have the right to veto a novelization, or they may have language in their contracts requiring that they be given the option of writing any novelizations themselves, which they may or may not waive later.

I recall pursuing the novelization rights to one movie, which shall go nameless, only to discover that the screenwriter would only allow the publication of his actual screenplay, not a novelization thereof. So there was no book.
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