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Re: ST Phoenix - Vol 1 - The Dream King's Heart

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So it appears the reports of Captain Lee's demise have been greatly exaggerated and instead they find themselves in the web of the evil Spider Queen. Not to be confused, I take it, with Captain Proton's pulp version.

Your imagery is vivid and the story remains compelling as I wonder how exactly Dan, Lee and the other band of mortal interlopers will pull off the impossible and steal the King's Heart from a god-like creature.

And save the universe while they're at it. Hey, no pressure, right?
I didn't actually remember that Captain Proton had Queen Arachnia! I hope there aren't too many people who have made the link. This Spider Queen definitely does not look like Kathryn Janeway!

Thank you for your kind words, I hope the story will hold together as we see just exactly how Dan, Lee and the others escape.

And yeah, no pressure at all!

Thanks again for the comment, more coming soon!
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