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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Argh, I hate Hulu! Everything should be available on YouTube. It's also available at Why not just put everything anyplace where you can and increase the audience that way?

Anyway, it looks like low-rent Game of Thrones. Not really interested.

Mercury Men looks lots more interesting. They should have a channel for that on YouTube, too.

YouTube had a link to, which said "click here to see episodes on SyFy," which lead to Error 404. And thus ends my interest in this series, since the effort to find it has now exceeded my interest in it. If you're competing with TV, it's gotta be as easy as turning on the TV. Just put the episodes on YouTube. Every click is another opportunity to lose your impatient audience to the myriad distractions of teh internets. Oh look, a piano playing cat.

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