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^I wasn't directing it at you at all. I was just trying to explain what I meant. I was never asking where they got the idea; I was saying I didn't believe they could be so foolish as to think that joke somehow indicated the actual plot of the movie. You seem to have misunderstood that and thought you needed to explain to me where they got the idea. So it sounded to me like you were defending them for drawing the conclusions they did. So we were talking past each other. My words weren't about seeking an explanation. I knew exactly what the thought process was that leads people to buy into these silly rumors; I'm just expressing dismay and disbelief that people could jump to such irrational conclusions. And since you misunderstood, you took a position contrary to what you thought mine was, which I misunderstood in turn as being a defense of that sloppy thinking that I was lamenting.
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