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Re: VOTE: Shadows of P'Jem & Shran/Archer AV CONTEST!

The polls are closed!

To the winners of the EPISODE CONTEST:

Congratulations to HopefulRomantic for winning the first prize! Not one, not two, but three handsome men in one avatar! It's almost too much!

And hurray for Aliennesse who came in second with her lovely picture of two of the most adorable men of Enterprise and one Andorian who is not Shran.


To the winners of the THEME CONTEST:

It has been a nerve-wrecking competition! So many wonderful Shran avatars! Yours truly won with only one vote. We have a two-way tie for second place between Alienesse and Skywalker.


Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the entrants and voters for taking part.

The next episode is.... Sleeping Dogs

What about Dangerous Women as our next theme?
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