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I finished the game yesterday.
Not sure if the following info can be considered really a spoiler, but you were warned...
Romanced lt. Cortez as male Shepard... was nice to see (finally).

There were numerous scenes in the game that were really emotional/heart-wrenching.
Played as a full paragon (except maybe 2 or 3 renegade actions), but still hadn't got the effective military strength up to 4000 (was just below that because I had 2 side-missions that I missed it would seem) - and it can be done for the surprise 'end' in SP without MP (which I don't want to touch and think that it shouldn't have played a part for SP story).

Gonna make a second play-through with mostly same options, this time doing full paragon, making sure I don't miss any side-missions and my male Shepard will have Kaiden as his love interest this time (for some reason, it would seem they fleshed out the romance dialogue/scenes for him and male Shepard better than for Cortez - especially in the ending - that was a bit odd, but maybe understandable because Cortez is not one of the main characters, though they did throw some 'nuggets' for Cortez upon better reflection - but still feels less detailed).

The 'end'... well, I have to say it was 'strange'. Everything felt 'off' (won't go into details) - though some things in it were actually quite obvious relatively early in the game.
I wasn't aware until yesterday night after finishing the game that there's a bit more actually if some things are done 'right'... coupled with Bioware apparently telling people to keep their ME3 saves (of which I wasn't aware), and an interesting theory I stumbled upon that actually explains why numerous things in the ending felt 'off' (and that the DLC's might actually put things into perspective).
Usually, I can actually catch these 'non-obvious' things, but I was immersed into the game and wasn't really trying to analyze it at the time, but just went along with it.

Then again, if the DLC's don't really change anything... then the ending I get in the upcoming playthrough (this time with the 'extra') will be ok (and of course, the male/Kaiden romance).
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