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Re: Star Trek Vanguard: The Finale Thread (SPOILERS)

Yes, it's right and proper that it has an ending - it is a finite story, not an open ended saga. However, it has served to open out the TOS era in a way approximating (on a smaller scale) the way that TNG, DS9, Destiny, The Typhon Pact etc. give a bigger picture of the TNG era and after.

I surmise that not everyone will die at the end of Vanguard (?). It would be good to see an ongoing companion series to the TOS novels. It need not always be the same cast, but could feature amongst others, the Vanguard survivors, the TOS crew and supporting characters, one or two Enterprise survivors (T'Pol and...), earlier versions of the movie era characters etc. etc.

I'd like to feel the TOS era was as richly developed as the later Trek universe has become...
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