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Re: And a Star to Steer Her By

Amaya had to admit that Rahul was doing a pretty decent job.

By the time she had come on shift, he already had all necessary daily reports ready for her to review, the senior staff was already in the process on tackling their daily tasks and the entire operations center had a sense of focused efficiency, which she couldn’t remember ever having seen before.

It gave her time to look over the reports while sipping on her raktajino and sorting through the admiral’s correspondence as well as planning his upcoming activities.

For the first time she wondered if Glover hadn’t in fact been right about bringing the Efrosian on board after all. Initially of course she had seen this as a sign of lacking confidence in her abilities or perhaps even an attempt to push her out of her position entirely but now she was beginning to sense that Rahul’s presence was actually making things easier for her.

But was easier really what she was looking for? Ever since joining Starfleet Academy she had made it a habit to seek out challenges, to take on the tough jobs and make them her own. Could she be satisfied with merely pulling her slowly reducing weight? And if not, if it truly was her nature to take charge of her life, as Vej had put it, then how could she ever be happy here?

Her train of thought was interrupted by Christine Reager. “We’ve got an incoming Starfleet vessel which has just cleared the outer perimeter and is on approach, requesting docking clearance.”

Another unscheduled arrival. Amaya took a deep breath and got ready to stand but then saw Rahul already stepping up to the master control station to handle the situation. She decided to let him take the lead.

“USS Agamemnon,” he said after checking the computer console. “Not an expected arrival.”

“Welcome to my world,” Amaya said under her breath.

Rahul looked at her as if he hadn’t been able to make out what she had said.

She waved him off. “Never mind. Carry on, Commander.”

He nodded and went back to work. “She is too large for any of the currently available docking ports.”

Amaya looked at her own console. The incoming ship was a full-size cruiser and the aging space station could only accommodate a limited number of those at the same time. With the T’Kumbra and Cuffe already docked, accommodating the newcomer was going to be a tight fit. But it was doable. “Commander, tell the Ferengi marauder to scoot over and take berth nine, she’ll fit in there nicely. Then get the Boslic freighter to re-dock at port three. That should free up berth four with just enough room for the Agamemnon.”

It took Rahul a second to realize what she had come up with. The man was no doubt an experienced officer but the finer points of space station operations were still new to him. Donners had no doubt he would learn quickly.

The view screen in the meantime had shifted to show the approaching ship as it entered visual range and Amaya found herself admiring her sleek, graceful lines. The Akira-class was very much the pride of Starfleet’s next generation starship design even if the saucer section had obviously been inspired by the old NX-class, the forbearer of the modern starship. She was smaller than most other ships in her class. A departure from the massive capital-sized ships like the Galaxy-class, the Akira had been designed to be a faster, more maneuverable starship without making compromises in flexibility or durability.

The appreciation didn’t last long and certainly couldn’t overcome the annoyance she felt over the fact that whoever was in charge over there had not even felt it necessary to follow simple protocol and advise of the visit sooner. If they had, then they would not have had to move heavens and earth to accommodate her now.

Furthermore Amaya had never heard of this ship before, never mind it operating in her sector. And she prided herself in being completely up-to-date on fleet movements.

“Did you see that?” said Reager, studying her console. “She just missed the outer approach marker by twenty kilometers.”

Amaya had been too irritated to notice.

“She’s drifting pretty far into the departure lane,” the communications officer added.

To make matter worse, it was the very same lane allocated to a Lissepian cargo hauler on its way out of the system. The chance of the two ships colliding in outer space was highly unlikely of course but they would pass each other far closer than protocol asked for. It didn’t help that the Lissepians weren’t the most adept people in starship navigation.

“Tell that cargo ship to change their outgoing course to one-five-three mark six,” Donners said calmly even if she hated playing traffic controller.

“Perhaps I should have a word with Agamemnon’s commanding officer about proper starbase approach procedure. They’re coming in way too fast,” said Rahul as he monitored the flight plan.

He was right, Amaya noticed. The ship was still at full impulse even though it should have reduced to one-quarter by the time it reached the outer marker. That was the proverbial straw. She had been perfectly happy to let the Efrosian handle this one but with Vej’s words still fresh in the back of her mind, she was determined to let her take-charge attitude assert itself. She didn’t care who was in command on the Agamemnon but she was determined to have a spirited heart-to-heart with that individual and this time it was going to be No-More-Ms-Nice-Gal.

She stood. “Advise the commanding officer of that ship that I would like to have a word in the wardroom as soon as she has docked,” she said and headed straight for the turbo-lift.

* * *
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