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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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What you and some other posters seem to forget is that Seven Of Nine was deliberately marketed in a very different way from how Kes was marketed.
That's kinda the point. Kes was too mousey and plain to be promoted as the show's T&A, jiggly poster-girl.

How many Doctor items are there to find?
He did get a 4.5" figure and a 9" figure. And a Hallmark ornament. And a very popular cameo in "First Contact". And a holographic trading card.

Robert Picardo actually wrote "The Hologram's Handbook" for Pocket Books:

No, it was decided before she arrived.

That, plus the "sex sells" factor was the reason for all Seven items that started to show up on the market, not to mention all those posters and articles about her in all the Trek magazines which were going at the same time.
Exactly. The Kes character did not have that merchandising potential. Her character (and the actress) were not designed that way.

When it comes to my suggestion about all that marketing money being used to have ten main characters, well in another post it was stated that Paramount earned lots of $$$ on the Seven Of Nine stuff so maybe all that $$$ could have been used to keep ten main characters.
You still don't understand. Monies earned by a studio are channelled through to shareholders as profits, not in keeping an overblown cast of a TV show together.

With ten characters, everybody gets even less lines per script. No matter how much you loved Kes, complaining how unfair it was doesn't change the fact that the show's producers were ordered to shake up the status quo in an effort to attract more interest in the show. And they did. And sales of Seven merchandise was good - because it kept getting produced. There were a lot of Seven items because the stores couldn't keep enough of them on the shelves. Without Seven and her ample assets, VOY may have lost many more viewers than they already had.
So what the show needed was a "T&A, jiggly poster-girl".
Oh, and I thougt it was a SF series about exploring space. Not to mention that the strength of Star Trek always has been the stories and good characters, something Voyager already had.

"Mousey and plain" doesn't fit the description of Kes but I agree that the character wasn't supposed to be the featured character. That role was designed to Kathryn Janeway.

As for "less lines per script" with ten character and "overblown cast", well someone must have forgotten to tell that to those in charge of DS9.

And if everything was about profit, why did they bother to keep all the main character. They could have dumped all of them except Seven, then it would have been more money to the great shareholders.

Honestly, showbiz is a stinking business. I know.

And I don't think that Voyager would have lost more viewers without any changes, not if those in charge had concentrated on their main job, to come up with good stories for the characters they had.
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