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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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I just finished 'Losing the Peace' (okay, not terrible, but certainly nothing that made me particularly excited- is it me or does a massive amount of the TNG relaunch novels [and one of the Titan novels] involve dealing with large amounts of displaced citizens?)
I really don't know why you would say that. The post-NEM TNG novels are generally accepted to consist of:

- Death in Winter - Romulan politics, Picard/Crusher hookup
- Resistance - Rogue Borg cube threatens the Federation
- Q & A - Q's back!
- Before Dishonor - Rogue Borg cube threatens Earth, enrages Janeway fans
- Greater Than the Sum - New crew lineup; Picard chases down the last of the rogue Borg
- Destiny: Gods of Night - Now the real Borg are out to kill us all
- Destiny: Mere Mortals - Ditto
- Destiny: Lost Souls - The same
- Losing the Peace - Federation refugee camps
- Typhon Pact: Paths of Disharmony - Andorian crisis
- Typhon Pact: The Struggle Within - Internal crises with the Talarians and Kinshaya

Of all of these, only Losing the Peace deals with displaced populations.
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