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Well i bought this yestarday for the PS3, today its going back for a refund, what a complete mess, the game chugs along like its running on a 1 speed cd rom from 1999, the frame rate is just horrendous, and it froze the machine 3 times stone dead in the first 1 hour i played it.............what the hell did bioware do to this game.

Anyway the guy in the shop when i phoned said he would give me a full refund which was good......and rather quickly too, no doubt i am not the first to take this back.

I assume the PC and 360 version run ok.
Maybe the DVD is faulty or your drive.. it's the first thing i hear about something like this. However it's not surprising he'll take it back.. either he can sell it off at a small discount since it's opened or the retailer he got it from takes it back without question.
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