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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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I don't know, but I have my doubts that Seven of Nine merchandise really sold at such a high clip over that of other characters and that she was a success in that way to the studio. My guess would be that she ultimately turned out to be kind of a disappointment for them in terns of the impact she had. Maybe I'm wrong, though.
Very wrong. Seven of Nine was many variations of action figure. Half-Borgified (as in "The Gift"), Silver-suited, Plum-suited and Blue-suited, all in the 4.5" size, cloth-dressed figures in both 9" (Brown-suited and Silver-suited) and 12" (Silver), plus a Hallmark ornament and even coldcast statues and a life-size mannequin.

Kes only got a short-packed 4.5" figure.

Even Janeway only got one regular 4.5", one "Flashback" exclusive (designed by me for NewForce Comics), one 9" figure and a Hallmark ornament.



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Maybe the money from the merchandise (if it was som much that some people believe) could have been used to keep ten main characters in the show.
So Playmates and Hallmark should subsidize an actor's salary and not sell any toys or ornaments?
What you and some other posters seem to forget is that Seven Of Nine was deliberately marketed in a very different way from how Kes was marketed. When it comes to Kes, she was one of the main cast but not featuring in any way and when it comes to marketing, you should compare the marketing of Kes with the marketing of Tuvok, Paris, Torres, The Doctor, Neelix, Kim and maybe Chakotay. How many Doctor items are there to find? And how many times did we see The Doctor on any book cover?

When Seven arrived, those in charge had decided that she was the new star of the show, the new main character. That, plus the "sex sells" factor was the reason for all Seven items that started to show up on the market, not to mention all those posters and articles about her in all the Trek magazines which were going at the same time.

When it comes to my suggestion about all that marketing money being used to have ten main characters, well in another post it was stated that Paramount earned lots of $$$ on the Seven Of Nine stuff so maybe all that $$$ could have been used to keep ten main characters.
You're aware that these are all separate and unrelated departments?

usually at war with another.

Berman looked better to his bosses if all these other bastards trying to make money off "the brand" and off his work FAILED.

Well, failed relativey compared to his successes.

the guy who was in charge of the toys wanted to destroy the guy in charge of the games who wanted to kill the guy in charge of the print media who wanted to annihilate the frakk in charge of the apparrel who all wanted to destroy Berman who was in charge of broadcast media.

Evolution comes through conflict.
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