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Re: Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions review thread (spoiler

Interesting side note: Since the old Latin motto Quidquid Latine Dictum Sit, Altum Videtur still holds up, I've gone and put together all the Latin section titles from The Sorrows of Empire and Rise Like Lions, with translations:

The Sorrows of Empire

Part I: Sic Semper Tyrannis. "Thus always to tyrants."

Part II: Exitus Acta Probat. "The result validates the deed."

Part III: Sic Transit Imperium. "So passes the empire."

Acta est fabula. "The drama has been acted."

Rise Like Lions

Part I: Ferro Comitante. "My sword as my companion."

Part II: Debellare Superbos. "Vanquish the proud." *

Part III: Post Tenebras Lux. "After darkness, light."

Consummatum est. "It is finished."

* Interestingly, I think I may have found a typo for Rise Like Lions Part II. It's titled "Deballare Superbos," but every Google result I try for "Deballare Superbos" only gives me results for "Debellare Superbos."
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