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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

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Yes, they can. Several of our silvers are using it. The only chat restrictions I know of happens during the first 20 hours if playtime to prevent spam. As far as I know that only affects PMs and even that time you can shorten if you ever made any kind of purchase (C-Store, game copy or subscription).

Basically I held a speech thanking everyone for their commitment to he fleet and making it what it is today and then getting relieved of command by Trek using the original Ceremony from Chain of Command.
I see. In that case I better submit a ticket to Cryptic, seeing as I joined back in February of 2010. As for you, mister, sad to see you step down. May Trek88 carry on the mantle of half crazy leadership of which you so heartily endorsed.

EDIT: I jumped into STO to see if I could get it fixed. I tried to chat on the channel and it wouldn't let me, so I asked around and someone told me to try and re-subscribe. I had tried about a dozen times before, but sure enough, it worked this time. As far as I know, it works now.

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