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Re: Could Janeway have sold the Tuvix process to the Vidiians as a Cur

How would the new mass be displaced?

Swiss cheese?


Same size but lighter?


So you use the proccess to break a single sick Vidiian into a thousand 1 inch tall Viddians... you take the healthy ones out and put them into a baggy and burn the rest.

When you have a thousand healthy Vidians in baggies, you let them out and combine them into a new singular healthy Vidian.

seriously though that Holomatrix Janeway gave the Hirogen?

That could have saved them.

Unless you don't think that the downloaded personalities into the holobuffers are anything but fake copies, and really Janeway would have just tricked them all into committing mass suicide... Though the Bynars seemed fine with living in Enterprises computers, so did Barclay and Data's Grampa.


What if the Think Tank was actually hired by some sick of the Vidians organ harvesters, and their endgame was the destruction of the Vidiians because even if you cured them of the phage, the organ harvesting wouldn't stop?
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