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Re: Could we have an alien Captain?

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How about a navigator with down syndrome and a dwarf as the engineering officer while we are at it?
Hey, a dwarf would fit into the Jeffreys tubes much, would that be un-PC.
Giggles aside, a dwarf regular would be a good idea.

I've also considered a actor/actress who was a child, six to nine years old, with facial makeup to make them appear in their twenties or thirties. Dub the voice probably too. You could use them in a story arc, then by necessary get rid of them before they grew out of the role.

Get some basketball player sized folks in there too, as long as they reasonable can walk down the corridors. Slight bowing perhaps through the doorways.

Not everyone in the Federation is going to be "normal" sized.

(The seven foot four woman, can have a romance, with the four foot one man)

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