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A few years ago, if we saw a "vintage" sci-fi movie (say, made in the 50s) presenting its depiction of the "near future" (read: our present), and they showed "futuristic" TVs with "rabbit ears", we would have collectively rolled our eyes in derision. We would have patted our cable converters and sat' receptors and chuckled, "How 'quaint'."

Yet, here we are. Hmm, I wonder if a reason will ever arise to construct the rough physical equivalent of phone booths? I miss phone booths. I like the privacy they provided. Cell phones have all but utterly obliterated their existence.

(Actually, our regional hospital still has a pair of wood framed phone booths with the collapsing glass doors in the central lobbby...despite all the renovations made to the facility over the decades. The phones have been removed, but they still have the ledge type stools and the doors can be closed, so a person with a cell can talk in private and not disturb others. I certainly hope they don't demolish them for s few skant square feet of floor space.)


That misses the whole point of the cell phone.

One has to stride through the masses, oblivious to their wretched existence, with the phone affixed to an ear, and expect the peons to clear a path, for you are an Important Person who has to be in audible contact with your peers at all times; so important that you cannot be expected to watch where you're walking, or to keep two hands on the steering wheel or use more than half your brain at any one time. Hell, even I am impressed!
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