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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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Revitalize is not the same as changed, and the ratings seem to say that she didn't increase ratings, they still steadily fell despite her amazing ta-tas...

She did nothing.

Jennifer was fired for a dog that wouldn't hunt.

agreed. I checked the ratings, and other than a VERY brief bump, they continued their pattern of slow decline and/or held steady. So yeah, she made pop culture a little more aware of Voyager perhaps, but she wasn't bringing in the big ratings.
Star trek is more than just a TV show in modern times. It's a global merchandising business. What they didn't get in ratings, they made up for in selling her image. Paramount made a fortune off of toys, t-shirts, video games, magazines due to her image. Being a house hold name in pop culture equals $$$$. I wouldn't doubt what they lost in ratings based TV, they made up for in merchandising. How much Voyager merchandise with her image on it did a tourist trap Star Trek Experience alone sell?
I don't know, but I have my doubts that Seven of Nine merchandise really sold at such a high clip over that of other characters and that she was a success in that way to the studio. My guess would be that she ultimately turned out to be kind of a disappointment for them in terns of the impact she had. Maybe I'm wrong, though.
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