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Limitless: The ending is a total cop-out (the guy gets off the drugs, keeps the super intellect, gets the girl, AND will probably be President of the United States someday), but I enjoyed the build up.
That's one of the things I liked the most about the movie. It's about time someone acquired some form of power or prestige and got a happy ending as a result. I'm tired of cautionary tales that tell us that empowerment is bad and leads to no good, or the formulaic stories where the guy loses everything in the end and learns a "valuable lesson".
That's all well and good, but his happy ending doesn't make any sense in light of everything the movie has established. He gets to keep his magical powers of intelligence? Huh? Every time anyone in the movie is shown to stop taking the drug, they come back down to normal. I'm fine with a happy ending, but a movie has to live by the rules it sets down for itself.
I think at the end, it was revealed that he made improvements to the drug and found some way to wean himself off it. That works for me. I would have expected him to use his intelligence to find some way to make his newfound abilities permanent. Even if something about it didn't fit storywise, I was too happy that they didn't go the typical route to really notice or care.
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