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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Somebody needs to post a link to a sci fi internet series that's worth watching. I've sampled a few and for whatever reason, the part where they fall down is usually the acting. (Is it really that hard to find talented out of work actors willing to do a free or low paid gig?) I've never found one where I wanted to see more than five minutes. Maybe money is not the problem but then what is the problem?
Monsters was made for about quarter of a million and is a good movie with some big effects.
I did a quick check on Netflix, which is giving that one a star rating below my usual tolerance threshold. I've learned the hard way not to ignore those ratings.
Have you checked out Syfy's ( I know you hate it, but just stick with me here) Riese: Kingdom Falling? It's kind of a steam-punkish fantasy series with cast members from Smallville, BSG, and Sanctuary. I haven't seen past the first episode, but I thought the first one was pretty good.
I believe the other "you might like these" shows on the bottom of the page are also web-series.
They've also released The Mercury Men, which I believe is done as a new Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers style series. I haven't watched any of this one.
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