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No one said what they said was fact...and a joke can be a tease as well. Writers of screenplays talk about possible plans way before they start on a project. We know that Kurtzman and Orci have talked plenty before they actually started work on the script. I don't see the need to get upset about it. Joss Whedon has started talking about "Avengers 2". Before he left the project, Favs discussed a bit of "Iron Man 3". Shane Black talked about his plans for "Iron Man 3" as well a bit. It doesn't mean what they say will be in the final shooting script. Sigh. Once again I think this is a case of over blowing a non topic lol.
But that's exactly my point -- that people who took those early, joking comments about Khan as some kind of hard evidence that Khan would actually be in the film were jumping to a careless and misinformed conclusion, because it wasn't evidence of a damn thing. And to Therin, for the second time, I'm not saying I can't understand where people got the idea, I'm saying I can't understand why they didn't know better, why they couldn't tell that was an incompetent conclusion to draw.
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