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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

27. Gaslight (B+)

This feels like a Hitchcock film that Hitchcock didn't actually direct, a connection heightened by the presences of Ingrid Bergman and Dame May Whitty, who appeared in a number of Hitchcock's films in this period (Bergman's first being in this same year). The film is a proto psychological thriller, though it's less about ambiguity (because there is none; what the husband is up to is pretty obvious from the start) than about observing a woman's gradual psychological dissolution because of her husband's manipulations. The main reason to watch the movie is Ingrid Bergman's amazing performance, which captures Paula's breakdown terrifically. There's also the novelty of seeing Angela Lansbury as an impudent, somewhat trampy maid. It never quite breaks through to the realm of greatness because, again, as good as Bergman is there's minimal suspense, and Joseph Cotten feels seriously out of place.

Cinema: 7
Home Video: 16
Computer: 4 (+1)
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