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Christopher wrote: View Post
But that's not a rational or informed conclusion.
We are discussing how rumours start. That's never "rational or informed". That was my point!

It's ignorant in the extreme to think that it represents their actual plans
Ignorant of me, or ignorant of the fans perpetuating the rumours?

it was made before they'd even begun outlining the second film!

it's that I don't understand the kind of sloppy, lazy thinking that leads to such a gross misinterpretation
My sloppiness or the sloppiness of the people asking if it will be Khan/Klingons?

And that's how foolish rumors get started and propagated.
Which was my point. It feels like you're directing your frustration at me. You asked why people persisted in thinking it was Khan/Klingons. I said I thought it was due to the teasing by the writers.

Because it's a question of intent! Saying that they teased it implies that it was something they actually planned

You've focused on the term "teasing". If I chose the wrong word to describe the writers having deliberate fun with fans, please suggest an appropriate alternative.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Don't you care about the difference between valid conclusions and foolish rumormongering?
Of course, but having seen that the fans over in the ST XI section of TrekBBS have never stopped speculating about Khan since that original jokey post by Bob Orci, I stand by my observation.

If they'd never mentioned Khan that day, we'd probably never have seen that rumour get more strength than any other other possibly-returning villain.

KingDaniel wrote: View Post
"New to canon" is a very strange term. Why not just say "a new character"?
Sigh. I really don't recall if that was their precise quote, but they were talking to diehard fans. Fans who use and misuse the term "canon" all the time.

IIRC, they were meaning there was at least one character, new to the JJ Universe, who had previously appeared in Season One of TOS.

Biffette wrote: View Post
No, she was never in Season One of TOS.
Thiptho lapth! Ian (Entire post is personal opinion)
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