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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Here are a couple stories from io9 on a few of the genre pilots that give more details and hints of how they might turn out (if they go to series). There are details about plot twists in the pilot episodes, but no substantial spoilers for the series beyond that.

Beautiful People.

My question is how well this series could transcend the well-known limitations of broadcast TV. "...really dark, and more than a little sadistic at times," but "not at all subtle." Sounds like what Caprica would have been like, stripped down to its essentials so it could get right to the point.

So, a mixed bag, but has potential and it certainly doesn't sound like it would bore the audience. If NBC can make a civil-rights for androids analogy work on broadcast TV, they might be cracking the code for how the networks can stay (or become) relevant and in business.

And several other series.

Roland Emmerich "Antichrist" series - Some colorful characters, so at least it will have personality. The fact that the lead character is an astrophysicist apparently has no relevance to the story.

The Last Resort
- The description gives us the setup, but no real idea what the story will be about. Simply the group's survival on the island? This one is real hard to read.

Midnight Sun - Sounding more and more like a Lost sequel, starring Smokey. Not necessarily a bad thing...

Zero Hour
- Sounding more and more like Emmerich's show, except without de debbel. I think ABC's going to have to choose one or the other, and to be shallow but realistic about ABC's heavily female audience, they'd be wise to choose the one with the cuter lead (ie, the Emmerich show).

The Munsters aka Mockingbird Lane - Sounds like its full of bizarre, borderline tasteless humor, and since when was Grandpa a Jedi? But it doesn't matter, Brad Garrett's got a different pilot, so it's ruined. RUINED! Anyway we wouldn't see this for a year if we ever see it at all.

Beauty & the Beast (ABC) - This one's easy. If you already watch Once Upon a Time, it's for you.

Beauty & the Beast (CW) - Brooding hero, spunky heroine, plenty of angst. Vampire Diaries fans, set your DVRs (assuming you're not vampire only bigots. )
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