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The correct command has been X on all three games.

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this issue with having to re-do the facial customization, does it happen all the time, or only in certain cases? And have they released a patch for it?
BioWare is working on a fix, but it's not released yet. See the link for a couple of suggestions for PC and Xbox 360 players on recreating faces (there's also a suggestion here, which is a slightly different take on the second suggestion at the BioWare Social Networks).

If you imported an ME1 character into ME2 and did any editing to your character's face in ME2, then you should be able to import into ME3 without issue. The problem appears to be ME1 imports into ME2 that were not edited in ME2 (ME1 face codes do not transfer directly into ME3, and ME1 face codes would not have been updated to ME2 face codes unless one opened the customization editor in ME2).

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