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Re: Once More, With Feeling: my big Buffy/Angel canon rewatch/reread/r

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SFX has just gone on something of a Joss Whedon orgy. There's a short message from Whedon about Cabin In The Woods, a review of the movie, an anatomy of BtVS to mark the show's 15th anniversary (which is today), and a Whedonverse jargon guide that looks familiar.
Great. That's a very Jossian message. But I want to nitpick about their guide:

Scooby gang

(origin: Buffy)
A group of disparate outsiders who come together in friendship to fight the forces of evil. A riff off the TV show Scooby-Doo. Later given serendipitous extra meaning by Sarah Michelle Gellar’s roles in the Scooby-Doo movies, although nobody in those films ever turned into a witch and almost destroyed the world, lost an eye at the hands of a crazy preacher or had lots of sex with a cockney vampire. That we know of.
Shouldn't that be "with a mockney vampire"?

A few other Buffyverse-related things:

A recap of Joss' panel "Conversations with Joss Whedon":

RedemptionCast has a new Q&A with Tim Minear, and he was previously a special guest when they were reviewing AtS episode Hero. (aka goodbye Doyle ).

E!online UK has a really strange and random Ultimate Fan Battle where they're putting any pop culture phenomenon with lots of fans vs any pop culture phenomenon with lots of fans, with no rhyme or reason. Buffy beat The Beatles in the first round (! and since besides being a fan of Buffy, obviously, and I'm not a big fan of The Beatles) and is now up against Nintendo (!) in the second round. Angel had the misfortune to go against Star Wars in the first round, no need to tell you how that one ended. Firefly is now up against Star Wars in the second round. I'm glad that Twilight was out in the first round - it lost to Ellen DeGeneres (!). I voted for Ellen even though I've never seen her show. I bet that a lot of people were voting against Twilight rather than for Ellen. Ditto for my votes for whoever/whatever is up against the dreadful pop stars like Justin Bieber, Britney etc.

SyFy UK recently aired "Top 20 Greatest Buffy episodes" as voted by the viewers, which then aired on SyFy, with Anthony Stewart Head introducing the episodes. Here's a video of him doing the introductions, with a couple of anecdotes and a bit of singing:

These were the results (they treated two-parters with the same title as one episode):

20. Lovers Walk
19. Prophecy Girl
18. Conversations with Dead People
17. Normal Again
16. Halloween
15. Graduation Day
14. Restless
13. Grave
12. Innocence
11. Amends
10. Passion
9. Dopplegangland
8. Fool For Love
7. The Wish
6. Chosen
5. The Gift
4. The Body
3. Becoming
2. Hush
1. Once More, With Feeling

The order of the first 2 is really not a surprise, but I would chuck a few of these episodes out and replace them with others. Several of my favorites weren't even on the list, and I have no idea what Amends and Lovers Walk are doing there - I've watched them recently and they're really good, but not that good. However, fans had the choice to vote only for one of the 20 episodes that SyFy chose (I don't know how they picked those 20). Still, Amends really shouldn't be above episodes like Restless, Innocence, Conversations with Dead People or Prophecy Girl.

Speaking of interviews and panels with writers, has been putting up podcasts of their 'writer's panels'. Lots of Whedonverse people were there (Marti Noxon, Tim Minear, StevenDeKnight, Jane Espenson, Drew Greenberg, Doug Petrie, Ben Edlund, Zack Whedon, Liz Craft & Sarah Fain, and David Fury was not just on one of the panels but did an individual interview as well). Lots of Trek people, too (Robert Hewitt Wolfe - who was on the latest panel, Thompson & Weddle, Michael Taylor, Naren Shankar).

And here's something really, really old that I've discovered very recently thanks to a friend from my LJ f-list: this site has a bunch of podcasts of a radio show about BtVS/AtS from 2002-2004. A few of those were interviews with ME writers done while the shows were still on air. They're extremely interesting to listen to now - for instance, listen to Steven DeKnight (interviewed right after Seeing Red aired) start his interview by saying "I'm a big fat liar!" and admitting that he blatantly lied to the fans that Tara wouldn't die when they asked him, and then go on to blatantly lie about Spike's intentions at the end of season 6. It's also fun to see the writers disagreeing on a bunch of stuff - for instance, Fury thought that vengeance demons didn't have souls, while Drew Goddard thought they did.
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