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Re: Disney's JOHN CARTER

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it's based on a 100 year old novel. everyone else ripped it off.
Perhaps. But plenty of films manage to be based on older material and not seem so derivative.
Don't be an idiot. That's like saying nobody should ever make a movie based on Martin Caidin's Cyborg because they'd have to steal too much material from the Six Million Dollar Man.

I agree with the the OP. I just saw this today and thought it was great. I got the same rush from watching it as i got from reading the original stories, which means that the director knew what he was doing when crafting it.
No, that isn't what I'm saying at all. What I'm saying is these ideas can be without coming off the same. How many times is it said the idea is good but the execution is badly done? This is the same exact thing, the ideas came from this book and could have been done well, but they executed it in a very well trodden way.
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