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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Joey Dakota lead casting.

I think this is a good point to start bitching about the pilots we already dislike. Of all the sf/f pilots in contention this year, Joey Dakota is probably my least favorite. If you're going to time travel, why pick the 1990s?

Other meh pilots:

The two Beauty & the Beasts. We've already got two fairy tale based shows returning next year, isn't that enough?

Zero Hour, because it's all built around some kind of super duper top secret conspiracy, which a bad sign for a TV series. Conspiracies have a way of inspiring lazy writing.

. Those superhero TV shows just never appeal to me, particularly the ones involving costumes.

The Dover Agenda and Rewind, because time travel stories have this dilemma: either they can be wholly episodic and get repetitive or they can add a serialized plotline and end up with a Future Guy style mess on their hands.

Also skeptical about...

The Last Resort. So once they've founded their island nation, what exactly do they do? No doubt the pilot will be kickass, but then what.

Revolution. Giancarlo Esposito makes me hopeful, but this could just be The Walking Dead sans zombies.

Midnight Sun. Again, the conspiracy-based plotline problem. Titus Welliver should keep things watchable though.

Isabel. Sounds mawkish.

The Dead Beat and Gotham. My tolerance levels for cop shows in sf/f window dressing is notoriously low. (I am happy to see that their numbers have diminished compared with previous years.)
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