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Re: Enterprise post tv finale relaunch

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Are there other novels in Trek lit that expound upon "references" in the any of the tv shows...?
These days it's hard to find ones that don't.
Fair point. There are "biggies" though like the RW and things like the Kitomer Accords (in the Lost Era books?) and even the Kobyashi Maru that have now been explained. Earlier there were was the Eugenic Wars explained. I imagine there are only a few biggies left and the Saturn Mission is now the subject of a novel too. What's been tackled in Trek lit of the "biggie references" Trek references? What's left to be tackled? I imagine everyone has an opinion.
I mean, that depends on what you mean by "biggie."

But I can certainly think of a few historical events that haven't been covered yet. We've seen the Earth-Romulan War, for instance, but we didn't really get to see how Earth and its allies forged the Federation. We've seen glimpses of the early Federation here and there, but we've never really seen its evolution. We've never seen the battle or mission at Axanar that was supposedly so important to the future of the Federation ("Court-Martial" and "Whom Gods Destroy"); we've never seen a novel about why the idea of admitting Coridan to the UFP had Federation worlds at one-another's throats like they were in "Journey to Babel;" we've never seen a novel about the establishment of the Martian colonies, or their rebellion against Earth referenced in the Romulan War novels; we've never seen a novel about how the nations of the Earth finally joined together to form United Earth; we've never seen a novel about Federation-Cardassian first contact; we've never seen a novel about World War III, or about the decades of unrest that apparently preceded it -- the Bell Riots and their surrounding issues, for instance; etc.
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