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Re: Netflix may pick up Terra Nova

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Similar to Star Trek in this vein of distribution would be DC and Marvel properties. They are moving into online digital versions of their actual comics. It would be a natural extension of that with live action series or animation.
Well there's an idea. Who says Netflix needs to just imitate any type of TV business, broadcast or cable? Why couldn't they start distributing online comics? Why not do both traditional (still image) comics and some hybrid between still images and animation? Maybe there's a new form of comics to be invented.
This medium already exists. For the past 5 years or so that I've seen, there have been small motion comic spin-offs of movies and video games. The prequel series to Dead Space you can get on XBOX Live is pretty awesome, with a decent cast of voice actors and a well done, creepy hardcopy comic base for the visuals. I wish they had made another one for the sequel, but I guess the comics and XBOX Live game covered that.

Someone should definitely go all out with a full series of such things, though. It has to be cheaper than a normal animation project. You can tell any crazy story you want in print and then digitize it without worrying about Bay-level production budgets breaking your piggy bank.

As for Terra Nova, Netflix should just let it die and focus on coming up with some of their own original IPs.
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