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You asked earlier why so many people are convinced it'll be Khan or Klingons. Joke or not, some fans haven't stopped talking about the rumours stemming from that little joke ever since it was made.
But that's not a rational or informed conclusion. It's ignorant in the extreme to think that it represents their actual plans, because it was made before they'd even begun outlining the second film! That's my point. It's not that I don't know what they're basing it on, it's that I don't understand the kind of sloppy, lazy thinking that leads to such a gross misinterpretation, let alone the desperation to cling to a wrong idea even when there's abundant evidence to prove its wrongness. The problem with so many people in the world is that they never learn critical thinking, never learn how to distinguish good information from bad. They tend to assume the very first thing they hear is the truth and ignore everything that comes afterward. And that's how foolish rumors get started and propagated.

so it certainly doesn't count as "teasing" their actual plans.
Why not? They planted a seed - and, in absence of any other information, it grew.
Because it's a question of intent! Saying that they teased it implies that it was something they actually planned and they were deliberately dropping hints about it to the audience. But that is the wrong conclusion to draw. It is a stupid and ridiculous conclusion because they hadn't worked out the plot yet! For months and months after that, the filmmakers told us repeatedly that they hadn't started writing the script yet. Hell, the delays in settling on a story dragged on for a very long time. So you'd think the fans would've caught on that those early "teases" were not teases at all, that no intelligent observer could possibly conclude that they represented the filmmakers' firm intent. It's a foolish and irrational conclusion to draw. That's my point. Don't you care about the difference between valid conclusions and foolish rumormongering?
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