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Hope you get your problem fixed Saturn. It'd be nice to have a new face around the place.

Hmmm, well I'm full-blown gonzo confused about portals now.

Step 1: Build a portal in the nether that brings me out in an underwater cave a few islands away from a jungle biome. Cool says I, I'll build a new portal over by the jungle and save myself the hike.

Step 2: Build a portal next to the jungle. Hop in, it takes me back to the original portal in the nether. Odd, says I.

Step 3: Hop right back into the portal and it creates a brand new portal even deeper in the cave than the first one.

Step 4: The hell?!
Step 1: Set Bedspawn next to the cave portal.

Step 2: Destroy the original nether portal and put all your things in an easy to find chest.

Step 3: Kill yourself, respawn at the cave portal, destroy that one.

Step 4: Create your jungle portal, go through retrieve the stuff in the chest.

Step 5: Cross your fingers it sends you back through to the jungle, because if it doesn't then I've no idea what to do.
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