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Still think the MP is the weakest part of the entire thing and is badly designed.

In theory a good idea.. Multiplayer is big these days and EA/Bioware apparently want to cash in on that, no gripe here from me but if you do a MP in an otherwise Single Player story game please do it right.

Loading times are abysmal but the worst part is the Ready button.. i got frustrated with that in the Demo and am frustrated by it in the game. If you have a single player who's not paying attention you can't start the game. Sure you can kick him but that either leaves you with a man short in the game or the others don't use that feature.

Seriously.. did anyone think this through? I'm used to the MW3 system.. 60 seconds to get your shit together before the game starts automatically if you're ready or not. If players drop out and the lobby isn't full the game starts too but the system populates the running game automatically if people are looking for that game type so teams can be evened out.

Simple, elegant and it works.. the way it is now with ME3 is a pain in the ass (but otherwise the MP is quite fine.. no technical or otherwise design issues).
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