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Re: Star Trek: Audacity

Okay I've made some crew changes. How's this?

Captain Alvin Ramirez: Commanding Officer- A human male man. Age 48.
Alexander Stuart: Civilian/Supervisor- a human male man. Age 53.
Betsy Hicks: Civilian/Supervisor- a female human woman. Age 39.

Commander Carol Freeman: Executive/First Officer- A human female. Age 36.
Lt Cmdr. Seerik: Chief Engineer- a Romulan male. Age 40.
Ensign Lisa Frost: Helmsman- a female Human. Age 31
Lt. Cmdr. Zordock: Chief Medical Officer- a Monchezke male. Age 94.
Lt. Dara: Tactical/Security Officer- A Felarain female.
Lt. Quiana: Ops- a female Q/Human hybrid. Age: Unknown
Lt. JG Jerrod York: Science- A Human male. Age: 42
Ensign Edgar: Counselor- a male Deltan. Age: 29

Ship: USS Rogue Storm class

and I'm thinking of changing the plot to something more simpler to:
A Captain tells Starfleet Command that he wants to go exploring and learn about the Borg's origin and asks them for permission to go to Borg space and try exploring, and Starfleet Command approves his request, but they tell him they will not order officers to enlist in his request since it is dangerous. Captain Ramirez has two Federation Councilors to find him a nice team of Starfleet officers interested in finding they origin of the Borg. They are given a Storm-classed vessel which is small and used for exploration. Now they search for information concerning the origin of the Borg.

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