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Re: Star Trek: Audacity


You misunderstood me, its ~NOT~ about the Borg at all. Simply about a task group charged with finding out whether or not Janeway defeated the Borg ("Endgame", Parts 1 & 2) as part of its' laundry list of things to do on this latest three year mission.

Their laundry-list of things to do in the Delta Quadrant include finding about the possible diplomatic consequences (for both the task group itself & future collaborations between local Delta Quadrant organizations & the U.F.P. as a whole) as a result of Janeway's less-popular past decisions, considering how often Voyager ran afoul of several of the quadrant's major and minor powers.

"Gaia" is an out of the way planet that serves as a mined out husk that's only suitable as a junkyard / wild west trading post as the only industry is shuttles/runabouts designed for (mainly) hauling garbage and flinging their loads into the sun, among other things.

The Task group: a Norway-Class vessel sent from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to study and adapt debris of non-Starfleet ships; a Whorfin-Class "trader" delegate vessel, a Sovereign-Class vessel in-charge of diplomatic relations, an Olympic-Class vessel in charge of analyzing medical diseases and advances such as The Phage, etc. & an Intrepid-Class vessel equiped for general nosing around.

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