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Re: Star Trek: Audacity

And I should also state that I don't know every single fact and procedures of StarFleet, also Why should everything be [I]strictly[I] canon? I realized the El-Aurians were wiped out by the Borg and we never saw any in StarFleet that we know of. Seven of Nine is not the only former Borg, I thought there was a former borg named Icheb.

Also Worf and B'Lenna may have been the only Klingon/ Klingon human hybrid in the series but does that mean there can't be anymore at all?

And to be honest the counselor was going to be Caitan, but I changed it to Klingon. The doctor was going to be Edosian then I changed it to a Benzite and then to a Monchezke.

The counselor's going to die in the beginning anyway as a lot with other crew and new officers will replace them with a rescue ship of other races and my own created races. I think having these characters adds tension to the story, but that's just my opinion.

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