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I'd promised my son, Ethan a "guys night out" which we haven't done in ages, so he and I went to see "John Carter".

In a word...AMAZING!

Truly a spectacular film. Action-packed, beautifully envisioned, great story with terrific twists and turns, wonderful characters, romance, adventure...simply, a whole lotta fun!

A bit of violence here and there, (nothing more than what you'd find in a Star Wars film) as should be expected from Edgar Rice Burrows, but all in all...we had a blast!

Admittedly, I'd never read the book myself, figuring it to be musty, old fuddy-duddy sci fi...but knowing who the author was, I supposed it would be ok....boy was I surprised! Now my boy is all fired up to digest EVERYTHING E.R. Burrows....awesome....

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