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Re: Star Trek and Homosexuality

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@ Destructor : Word on Bakula. I totally agree with your comment on ST use of metaphors and also the idea to not specifically address the issue but for instance giving Bashir a male partner instead.
They did didn't they? Reading between the lines Garak totally wanted him, but had to settle for Zyal when he wouldn't get over Dax.
And even then he probably only plumped for her because the fact her father would hate the idea was just too tasty for him to pass up.
Perhaps the schism between Dukat and Garak is one of ex-lovers....and perhaps an operative of the obsidian order being caught with a high ranking military official, with a family, was the scandal that got Garak exiled in the first place!
Oh this stuff just writes itself doesn't it!

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Bakula should have been the first gay Captain, now that I think about it.
That would have made him at least one interesting character trait.
I'm sure the gay community would prefer a role model who can act.
Actually, scratch that, have you SEEN John Barrowman on Doctor Who? Hmmm...maybe not.

Still, I remember huge rumours during the time of First Contact that Lt Hawk had a scene when he mentioned a husband that got cut out of the movie, whether that's true or not we'll probably never know I guess.
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