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Re: Star Trek and Homosexuality

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Bakula should have been the first gay Captain, now that I think about it.
nooo he was too hunky keep him straight XD
LOL! I have a hard time NOT imaging Bakula in his first moments of Quantum Leap, white full body suit....
-Mr. Lucas voice-
Glass of water for Tot.

Moral outrage from radical news outlets be damned, they'd had the teenage male demographic eating out of their hands.
Plus the homosexual and bisexual female viewers.

In my own stories, I address this, though I think I made complicated stuff for some folks and confused them even more.

Cassy, my red haired alien girl, who's the main character of all my stories, might appear to be just an attractive girl with cat eyes, and she has no idea where she came from, she is from a race of people who are pretty much all girls, just different plumbing down there, and Cassy is a 'male' if one wants to be technical. She is currently married to a human female, and has had an on again/off again thing going on with the enigmatic Admiral Robert April over the past 2 centuries, and at one time dated an Andorian female. Now I guess Cassy could be considering pansexual or omnisexual.

I think homosexual characters will be no problem with Trek, and be damned the bible thumpers, since they, at least the Evangelicals, hate the idea of alien life to begin with and would not be big on Trek, anyhow. And since Trek's all about equality and man kind having finally grown up and put childish differences into the garbage can, I say go for it. If doctor Who can have gay/bi/pan/omni sexual, so can Trek....hell....we saw an elderly lesbian couple in the 2006-2007 Doctor Who season......hell we saw a human woman with a cat man, and had a liter of kittens that can speak.
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