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So in the end, it looks like you need the multiplayer in order to get the best ending - and at least one of the achievements. I'm near the end of the game, exhausted most of the content, and have a readiness of 7000. Cut in half, that's 3500. It's still enough to fill out the bar, but given that the achievement related to that doesn't pop until it's higher, there's an indicating that you still need more readiness points that simply aren't available.
I know you need MP or the iOS game to get "Defender" (100% all areas of the galaxy).

Do you know the number of how many readiness point are needed for that achievement?

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You know, it's not that I'm likely to replay the game later on, but I wonder what happens when either no one is playing the game online or the servers are shut down.
You're SOL, much like the other games EA has done that to.
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