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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Defense is more important to me than offense. Some of these PvPers are amazing. I've seen ships take continuous, sustained fire from half a dozen ships and almost shrug it off like it was nothing. I remember one ship, about 3 weeks back, that I saw in Ker'rat (A KDF BOP), that just couldn't be killed. 7 ships attacked him straight on, and his shields would fluctuate for a second, and never drop. That went on for a good 30 seconds, by which he then just hauled ass out of range in about 3 seconds.
I've been told by a PvPer that he can permanently hold off just about everything by cycling through a combination of 2 x Tactical Teams, 2 x Transfer Shield Strengths, 2 X Beam Fire At Wills and an occasional Polarize Hull and/or Tractor Beam Repulsors. Yup, fire at will for both offense and defense. I thought it was strange until he pointed out that fire at will takes down the targetable incoming projectiles such as the infamous Elite Tactical Cube's ghost torpedos.

He further claims that with 2 x Directed Energy Modulation and 2 x Rare 35% Antiproton Mag Regulators, he pretty much decimates the field. I don't know if his claims are true, but its a build I'ld love to test out one of these days.

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If another Tac player sees you mixing energy weapon types, they will chastise you to hell.
Really? Why is that? I've had a fair bit of luck mixing phaser and polaron beam arrays.
Lower weapons power == Lower damage

They are worried about the power drain that comes from of using weapons of different energy types. Personally, I find that the power drain from 2 energy types to be acceptable and does not significantly reduce my overall damage throughput.
This sounds like an experiment needs to be done. Since I have 7 ships left (I got rid of a bunch to make room), and all of them have Mk X & XI purple gear, it may be worth a shot. I've got 2 Rare Mag Regulators, and I have all the consoles and officers I need to make each build, so I'll see what happens when I put it all together and test it out.

Thing is, with my current build, and all weapons firing, my weapons energy never drops below 98. Still, we'll see how this all works out. To the laboratory!

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Ok, but instead of having a polaron booster and a phaser booster, you'd get a lot more power out of 2 phasers and 2 phaser boosters...
Do the consoles stack?
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