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Re: UT: Refugee Crisis / Bluefin - "Trajectory"

Excellent instalments TLR. You ratchet up the tension and the stakes. The Shroom continues to puzzle as well as continuing to threaten the safety of the ships. There is a danger that it could harm others inadvertently by its gravity wake - ships, planets, etc. All of which would strengthen the hand of the likes of Glover and Vanguard mission to use the Alpha weapons against the Shroom. Excellent mess of the whole situation and the fact Franklin is again caught up with Akinola in a situation that has its own parallels with the QEII Maquis hostage situation. I imagine things are going to get more dire now that a more trigger happy captain has been dispatched to the scene but things are going to get interesting when the Bluefin and co. try to board that vessel. I like the fact that the Border Dogs are technically the underdogs here but the truth of the situation is that Akinola and crew are probably better suited to interdict but there's going to be a lot of mayhem before that proves itself to others. Terrific stuff. Great story and great character moments. (Bless Gralt!)
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