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Re: resurrecting Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury as a animated TOS st

I suggested this years ago - so I'm glad this is being talked about.

I was told by a former member of the Interplay staff that if the voice recordings still exist, they are probably on magnetic tape and being stored in one of the many storage facilities that houses the sorry remains of Interplay's stuff. The stuff in these storage facilities is not organized apparently, and it's unclear if anyone would even know how to find the tapes. I once tried to get the contact information of the guy who apparently organized some of stuff being stored, but I was unsuccessful. Maybe I will try again.
I'd spend weeks trawling though the archives for NOTHING to trawl through those archives. Least tehre may be hope. If it exists and doesn't get destroyed, then there is a chance something could be done with it.

Somebody said when Interplay went bust the recordings were destroyed, BUT that was just one person on the forum, so hopefully someone snuck it onto a disc and its in a file somewhere. It's possible.

I really wanna see this as an animated DTV movie or TV special, a BRAND NEW adventure with the original cast and Mark Lenard, just that one last time. Also on Trekcore is all the imagery of the amazing new stuff like Vulcan, the satellite, Kirk in the shuttle and stuff too advanced for 60s TV.

There's also the otehr two Interplay games which would be EASY to take the audio and make them into episodes, IF yoou cut out the horrible midi music. It could even be the same project - SOVF could be like a multi-part story. Of course the characters would be CG versions of the Original cast.

As a second best to a revival would be a remake, I emailed Cawley and one of the Farragut guys separately to ask if they considered contacting DC Fontana about an adaptation for one of their fanfilms, neither replied. It's interesting that a script is out there - a couple of unmade Doctor Who screenplays occasionally do the rounds on Ebay.

Has DC Fontana got a webspace, jsut to ask her opinion at presen regarding SOVF? That talk in 2007 was around the time she wrote the IDW comic.
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