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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Timelord_Victorious wrote: View Post

What is your primary intention? Having as much firepower as possible or becoming nearly unkillable?
Defense is more important to me than offense. Some of these PvPers are amazing. I've seen ships take continuous, sustained fire from half a dozen ships and almost shrug it off like it was nothing. I remember one ship, about 3 weeks back, that I saw in Ker'rat (A KDF BOP), that just couldn't be killed. 7 ships attacked him straight on, and his shields would fluctuate for a second, and never drop. That went on for a good 30 seconds, by which he then just hauled ass out of range in about 3 seconds.

Rocketeer wrote: View Post
If another Tac player sees you mixing energy weapon types, they will chastise you to hell.
Really? Why is that? I've had a fair bit of luck mixing phaser and polaron beam arrays.

None of my chars use Engine or Shield Batts. Engrs and Tac use Weapon Batts, Sci uses Aux Batts. If you have any of these devices, I recommend using: Red Matter Capacitor (from Collector's Ed), Enhanced Plasma Manifold (from Oberth), Subspace Field Modulator (Devidian FE).

I would not put a torp on the rear unless you were planning to do flyovers. In that case, it would probably be a tricobalt mine.
I do a number of flyovers. I'll use Torpedo Yield III as I come in fast (not on Full Impulse, though), and as I pass overhead, I'll give them one to grow on.

My Tac officers use turrets for aft weapons. Phasers or AP with [Acc].

I'd replace the Bio module with something else.

I don't see any cannons on your ship, so ditch the Prefire Chamber. Get a Directed Energy Distributed Manifold or if you go with a single energy type get the appropiate console.

Will do on that. I don't know why I kept the prefire chamber anyway.

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