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Re: Star Trek and Homosexuality

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But it's funny how there have been many contemporary tv shows before and during Trek (TNG) that showed open homosexuality in a normal context and openly acknowledged its existence.

Trek is set many years in the future and the concept of homosexuality is noticed by its very absence.

Perhaps because it's not an issue anymore in the 24TH century as pointed out already.

The truth is, I think Trek considers "The Outcast" its contribution towards the subject.

Spartacus is a popular cable tv show that shows homosexual relationships- not all the time, yet it is a rating blockbuster. As far as I know, there has been no issue or complaints about the content.

And it's pretty graphic with the violence sex and language.
exactly totally agree so many fans speculated Janeway/Seven or Kirk/Spock in fanfic based on episodes and a few scenes...but they were not intended that way of course.
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